Match Day Rules

Match Day Rules

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All games will be played under international rules (FIFA) as modified below.


  • Teams will be required to give a copy of their Indiana Soccer roster (IYS Team or POOL Roster) at the start of each game to the referee. You do not need to print game cards.
  • Teams may only declare a roster of no more than 12 players for each game for U9-U10 teams, 14 players for each game for U12 teams, 18 players for U14-U18 teams.
  • Teams are to cross off players who are not playing. Teams may write players name at the bottom of roster if player names are not on the roster.
  • You do not need to present player passes at games.


  • Each player must have a valid Indiana Soccer player pass (No other organization player passes are accepted). Player pass does not need to present at each match.
  • No player may play in more than two matches per day.


  • Each coach must have a valid IYS coaching pass. Coaching pass does not need to present at games.
  • Only 3 coaches may be present on the sidelines during the match.


  • Players may play with any team within their club at any time.
  • If a player cannot be added to a roster prior to match day, the player may be written in at the bottom of roster.


  • U9/U10: All games will be 2-25 minute halves, with 5-minute Halftime. All matches will use a size 4 ball.
  • U12: All games will be 2-30 minute halves, with 5-minute halftime. All matches will uses a size 4 ball.
  • U14 : All games will be 2-35 minute halves, with 5-minute halftime. All matches will use a size 5 ball.
  • U16 : All games will be 2-40 minute halves, with 5-minute halftime. All matches will use a size 5 ball.
  • U18: All games will be 2-45 minute halves, with 5-minute halftime. All matches will use a size 5 ball.


  • U8-U10 matches will have a center referee.
  • U12 –U18 matches will have a three-person referee crew.
  • Site Coordinator will pay for all Referee fees for matches played on CLUB host dates.
  • Games that are reschedule or are not played at a CLUB host date: Host club will pay the referees.

Game Reporting/Paperwork:

  • Site Coordinators will pay all referees and will provide all game cards to referees.
  • Site Coordinators will collect all rosters and completed game cards from referees.
  • Site Coordinators will post all game scores no later than 5:00pm on the Monday following a match day.
  • U8-U10 scores will not be published on the website. Each clubs DOC will receive a weekly game summary of U8-U10 scores.
  • Missing or incorrect game scores: Please email the league to correct any game scores at indianachampleague@sbcglobal.net, please include all game information (including game number) with all scores.
  • In the event that your game has been rescheduled and not playing where site coordinators are present, you will be required to email the results of the game to the league at indianachampleague@sbcglobal.net ,please include all game information (including game number) with all scores.

Modified Playing Rules:

Substitutions may be made on your possession, on the opponent’s possession when they are substituting, on any goal kick, on any other stoppage with the approval of the center Referee, and are not allowed on corner kicks.

The home team will choose the side of the field they wish to defend. The away team will get the kick-off to start the game.


Home team must wear their light uniform. Away team must wear their dark uniforms. Each player must wear shin guards and an official uniform with a number on the back.

Modified Match Day Rules for U8/U9-U10:

Offside will not be enforced unless the referee determines the offside position is directed, intentional, and/or persistent in an effort to gain an unfair advantage (Law11). Defending teams will be awarded an indirect free kick from the offside players’ position.

Goalkeeper punts or dropkicks that land in the opposing teams penalty area are not allowed, and will result in the defending team being awarded an indirect free kick from spot on the field where the foul occurred.


  • Player: Any player or coach ejected from a match will be ineligible to participate in the team’s next match. No substitution for an ejected player.
  • Coach: In the event a coach is ejected from a match, he/she must leave the complex and not return until the conclusion of the team they were coaching completes their next match.
  • Spectator: In the event that a spectator is ejected from a match they may receive sanctions from the league per the Code of Conduct Policy.
  • Please see the Code of Conduct Policy for further details on other possible sanctions regarding player/coach/spectator ejections or conduct.


In the event that a game is canceled due to weather after the game has started the game will be considered complete if the first half is finished. In the event the first half is not finished the two teams must agree along with the referee(s) when the game will be completed. The league will not reschedule a second game with new referees and the teams must follow the reschedule policy.

Code of Conduct Policy:

In the event that league officials determine that spectators are getting out of control the coach may be warned once, after the first the warning the warned sideline will be asked to leave the complex in the event there is a second occurrence.

No Noisemakers of any kind will be allowed during any match. No Exceptions.

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